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About Us

Purillume is a new kind of lighting company. One that's committed to moving beyond the limitations of CFL and LED bulbs to deliver the full potential of LED lighting. We didn’t set out to create a new light bulb. We set out to create a new way to experience light. 

Our first product, the Orchid LED table lamp is the result of thousands of hours of R&D and is in production—and we're just getting started.


Our Team


Neeraj Lal, Founder and CEO

During his 13+ years in the LED Lighting industry, Neeraj has seen the lighting world go through incredible changes.  He has traveled the world and experienced a lot of bad lighting. “One night in a dim & gloomy hotel room he asked himself “Why can’t this room be brighter, why can’t I change these lights…”


Quinn Marceil, MSEE Lead Engineer


A highly talented hardware engineer, Quinn specializes in embedded systems, analog and power supply design. He's designed hundreds of custom builds for a variety of applications. Neeraj brings the light, Quinn brings the power— to make the Purillume LED lamps shine so bright.