Lighting Glossary


Color Rendering Index is the way that color fidelity is measured—just how vibrant and rich do colors look under a light source. 80 is average yet colors are still flat.  A CRI above 90 is great how we were meant to experience colors. The Purillume Lighting Solution delivers a CRI above 90.


The amount of light emitted. Not to be confused with watts, the amount of power used. (But wait a minute, then why do we call them 60W bulbs? In the early days of electricity it was really easy to blow fuses, so the industry set upon using watts as a way to tell people which replacement bulb would work safely.) 

The Orchid shines with 2750 lumens (@2700K) and 3250 lumens (@5000K).  This is brighter than three 60 "watt" bulbs. A 60W bulb shines at about 800 lumens.


The amount of energy a light uses. The Orchid uses less energy than a 40W bulb at it’s brightest setting.

The way the color temperature of light is measured. 2200K is warm, 5000K is cool. With the Orchid you get the full range in one lamp.

Degrees Kelvin:

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A typical 60W incandescent light bulb gives off about 800 lumens and dims to candelight. The Orchid shines brighter and dims like the incandescent bulbs used to—without buzzing or flickering.


To learn more about brightness visit the ENERGY STAR website.