Introducing a light that brings out the true colors in your space.


The problem with lighting today is that replacement CFL and LED bulbs have limitations and can’t deliver the brightness and light quality that we expect and deserve. Lighting technology has the potential to do so much more. 

The Orchid LED lamp from PURillume taps that potential and brings incredible color fidelity and complete control over color temperature and brightness to homes, hotels, offices, assisted living centers—anywhere you'd use a lamp.

The Orchid LED Lamp with touch screen controls.

The Orchid LED Lamp with touch screen controls.

The Orchid LED table lamp

Orchid LED table lamps combine elegant design aesthetics with LED power and efficiency to deliver beautiful, fully controllable, omnidirectional light that can be tuned to your lighting preference at any time.

so bright. in so many ways.

The Orchid lamp puts out up to 3250 lumens, that's more than four 60W incandescent bulbs bulbs & brighter than a 150W incandescent bulb, but even at its brightest it still uses less energy than one 40W incandescent.


Change the brightness and color temperature of your Orchid light to suit your mood or activity. Bright white for productivity? Soft white for relaxing? Warm, low light to get ready for bed? The Orchid does it all in one lamp. 

beautiful light from a BEAUTIFUL lamp.

Powered by PURillume's 3Five Lighting Technology™, the light source deliver an omnidirectional light that has a 90+ Color Rendering Index to make all the colors in your space come alive.



Even rooms that appear to be well lit can be dramatically improved.

what people are saying about the Orchid led lamp

“This lamp is like the Tesla of lighting.”

Randall Whitehead, The Lighting Doctor
Author of seven books on lighting design, designer, innovator, and lecturer with more than thirty years of lighting experience.  He has appeared many times as a guest lighting expert on The Discovery Channel, HGTV, and CNNfn. and designed lighting for celebrities, such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.