Don't settle for dim, dingy lighting.

Let Purillume help you bring back the light.



Hotels & Hospitality


Tired of your hotel room looking dim and dingy?  Are your guests complaining the light is not bright enough to read?  

People are fed up with lights that make them look and feel like zombies.  Click here to show how we can improve your in-room guest experience.



Studies show that better lighting improves worker productivity.  The generic overhead lights provide a uninspiring light for the masses.  

Let Purillume show you how customized light can improve your office work environment.



The Purillume LED lamps increase the beauty of your home by bringing out the true colors of the interior design.

The light from the lamps can be customized to meet your mood, activity, or preference.  Let Purillume show you how to experience life in a new light.

This lamp is like the Tesla of Lighting!”