The Orchid LampTM makes BEAUTIFUL homes even more BEAUTIFUL.


Bright, high quality light

The Purillume LED lamp shines with more light than 3 x 60W bulbs - a true equivalent to the 150W incandescent with a high color rendering that makes colors and people look more natural.  

  • Warm White (2700K) = 2750 lumens
  • Cool White (5000K)  = 3250 lumens
  • CRI > 90
  • Incandescent-like warm dimming
  • Customized lighting based on mood, preference or activity


Natural Synchronized light

Like the sun, the Purillume lamps remain synchronized when paired up so you won't experience a color temperature mismatch in a given space.

  • Master lamp has an integrated touchscreen 
  • Satellite lamp has manual control knobs and an on/off switch
  • Master lamp can control the satellite lamp
  • Adjustable presets
  • Away timer


Additional Features

  • Sunset setting that cuts back on blue light
  • Sunrise setting that introduces a bright light 
  • Integrated night light with 2 light settings
  • AC outlet for laptop/phone/tablet charging
  • Mobile app*  (in development)
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iPhone/iOS App information

(Coming Soon)




"This is the most versatile, useful lamp that I have ever used. It is integrated into our life and provides value everyday."    -M. Bishop